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More love.

The best veterinary care happens at home. 8am-8pm, daily.

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Why veterinary house calls?

In-home vet care is
better for pets.

Why add stress to your pet's life if you don't have to? Calm, relaxed pets make better patients and get better care.

See the vet when
it's convenient for you.

No more twiddling your paws in that smelly waiting room. Having your vet come to you saves you time and hassle.

Home observation means a more accurate diagnosis.

Your pet's environment has a lot to do with their health. In-home vet care ensures your vet gets the full picture.

When should you call Vetted?

Our care is comprehensive. If they can do it at the veterinary clinic, we can probably do it at home.

How does it work?

Seeing the vet just got easier. A lot easier.

First, book your visit

Call, email, or book online. Find an appointment time that works for you, or search for a specific vet, 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

Next, have your exam

An experienced veterinarian + veterinary technician will examine and treat your pet at home. No rushing. No stress.

Finally, follow up

Our Care Team is here to answer your questions days, weeks, or even months after your appointment.

Friendly, experienced veterinarians.

Thousands of people across LA, SF, and NYC have already found their perfect Vetted vet. Who's yours?

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neighbors are saying

See what pet parents just like you are saying about our revolutionary approach to veterinary care.

“The service was excellent and the value of having the vet come to you can't be measured.”

Max's mom,


“The care, and patience has been excellent. I'm also very appreciative of the communication.”

Gretchen's mom,


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