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End of Life Care

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Vetted's experienced, compassionate veterinarians provide humane in-home euthanasia for dogs and cats. Our pets are our family, and they deserve to pass peacefully and comfortably, surrounded by those they love at home.

What is in-home euthanasia like?

In-home euthanasia offers you the opportunity to say goodbye to your beloved pet on your terms. A calm, peaceful passing is the best possible gift you can give to your terminally ill or suffering companion.

The euthanasia process is almost entirely painless for your pet.

Our process always starts with a phone consultation with an experienced veterinary professional to help answer all your questions and walk you through the process. When you're ready, a compassionate veterinarian team will perform the euthanasia procedure inside your own home. We'll also help you determine exactly what you'd like to do with your pet's remains. There are several options available to you.

At Vetted, we're all pet owners, too. We've all experienced the loss of a pet and understand how overwhelming and emotional this time can be. When you're ready, our team is happy to provide you with a completely free consultation at (844) 905-1238.

Will it hurt?

The comfort of your pet is the number one priority of our team. In-home euthanasia is designed specifically to be practically painless for your pet so they can have a peaceful, dignified goodbye. Administration of the euthanasia medication itself is completely painless and only a very small number of pets feel any pain during the sedation process. Your pet will not be aware of what is happening.

What to expect from Vetted


Making the right decision for your pet can be very challenging. Our caring team is here to help guide you and to answer all of your questions during this difficult time.


We carefully prescribe a plan of action based on your pet’s specific needs, tailoring medications to ensure a peaceful, painless experience for your pet.


We want you to have as much information as possible so you feel confident and prepared to make the best decision possible for your pet.

Is it time?

We rely on experienced vets who specialize in geriatric & end-of-life care to help you decide if it is time to make this difficult decision. Vetted vets are incredible professionals who have personally experienced pet-loss themselves. They understand your concerns and will never make you feel judged or rushed. Call us at (844) 905-1238 for a consultation.

How much will it cost?

End of Life Care

Quality of Life Consultation
(Over the phone)


In-Person Qualify of Life Assessment


Vet travel + Euthanasia Procedure


Communal Cremation


Private Cremation



When I truly knew it was time, Dr. Rosnick made himself available and I might add on VERY SHORT NOTICE. He came over around 9:30 or 10:00pm. I don't know exactly what his hours are, but he felt it was important to get to me that night because I would have waited until the next day. (that would have been miserable for my dog and myself) I can only say this doctor is the best you can get for one of the most difficult decisions you will EVER MAKE in your life. Thank you, Dr. Rosnick.
- Karen (Encino)
Everything about Dr. Rosnick and Vetted was exceptional. Their level of service, care and compassion during an incredibly difficult time of letting my 17 year old puppy pass at home far kinder, easier and less stressful for her. I'm very grateful for Dr Rosnick's services and the aftercare. My heart is broken in one less piece knowing I honored my sweet beautiful pup's gentle spirit and life every single day and to her very last breath.
- Rob (Marina del Rey)
We had to make the difficult decision of putting our dog to sleep. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but Dr. Benjamin Rosnik made it the best it could be. His calm and informative demeanor lowered our stress and our dog's stress. He was very kind.

The procedure was quick and painless for our dog and left us feeling relieved that she was able to pass in peace in her favorite spot outdoors.

I highly recommend their End Of Life services if you have to make that choice for your pet. Not only are their prices very reasonable, their services are great.

Dr. Rosnik made an incredibly hard day the best it could have been and we are incredibly grateful for that. Thank you to everyone at Vetted Petcare.

- MB (Los Angeles)
Dr. Lum helped me through the hardest experience of my life.  My poor kitty was sick with Lymphoma and her health deteriorated to the point where she needed to be put to sleep.  Dr. Lum spoke with me on the phone on numerous occasions and was always incredibly compassionate and understanding.  He never made me feel rushed or that I was bothering him.  I felt as though he truly cared about my cat and he was so flexible with me about scheduling.  The actual procedure occurred at my house and he was a blessing from God. My kitty felt absolutely no pain and passed over the Rainbow Bridge in complete peace.  She was able to get the dignified ending that her wonderful life deserved.

- Francisco (San Francisco)