Dr. Carol Lah

University of California, Davis

San Francisco

South Bay


Dr. Carol Lah was born in Bronx, New York but grew up in Southern California. She graduated from Pomona College (B.A. chemistry, 2003) followed by graduate school in Texas (UT Southwestern, M.S. biology, 2005) and veterinary school at UC Davis (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 2014). Dr. Lah enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine especially Internal Medicine. She has a blue brindle pit bull named Bella, a cream Pomeranian named Angel, and 2 Ragdoll mix cats named Boy and Girl Kat. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and riding roller coasters at Great America and Six Flags.

“…I highly recommend anyone giving them a try especially if you have an elderly pet that needs more time and attention and doesn't like to go to the vet.”

Teresa S.

Burlingame, CA

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