Dr. Nicole Kagan

University of California, Davis

West Los Angeles

South Bay Los Angeles

Ever since early childhood, Dr. Nicole Kagan has known her professional role in life was to be an advocate for animals. She has been living out her life's dream of becoming a veterinarian ever since graduating from UC Davis Veterinary School in 1991.  Dr. Kagan received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from UC Davis in 1987, and she immediately entered veterinary school after completion of her college degree.  Dr. Kagan is passionate about providing the highest standard of care to each of her patients and is dedicated to educating pet owners on all aspects of patient care.  Dr. Kagan chose to join our housecall team because she believes that her patients do greatly benefit from a stress free environment and feels that during each housecall she can provide her patients and their owners with more quality veterinary time . Dr. Kagan believes that through client education she can assist pet owners in providing the best care for their furry loved ones starting from kittens/puppies into adulthood and through their senior years.  Dr. Kagan's professional interests include internal medicine, preventative care, ophthalmology, and cardiology.

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